Monday, December 10, 2007


So... I forgot my email/password combination after not posting for a month. Ridiculous. And as of now, there are SO many things I should be doing instead of posting, such as..
- studying for my 2 finals tomorrow
- studying my materials for my new job
- cleaning my room before I have to leave tomorrow afternoon
- packing
- loading up my car
- did I mention my 2 finals tomorrow?

Whatever. Everyone needs a break even if they haven't particularly started anything yet. Some may call this procrastination. I call it beautiful.

I'm officially a college student, and I'm 2 finals away from having an entire semester under my belt. Oi. That's terrifying. I mean, as much as I have LOVED it and as proud as I am to have graduated a year early from high school and to be moderately independent, it hit me a couple days ago that by graduating a year early, I have to decide a year early what I want to do with.. oh.. my life.

I entered as a nursing student. I am now a Mass Communications student emphasizing in public relations. And I am looking into Business Management stuffs. Fun fun fun. :] As a business person, I would frequently be allowed and even encouraged to indulge myself into my 2nd greatest vice -- office supplies. The first? :[ Hobby Lobby. Which falls under the same general idea as office supplies.
The paints, the crafts, the papers, the glue,
The brushes, the yarns, and the picture frames, too!
Move on to the office. Post-its are sticky!
Give me staples, pens, markers, I'm not very picky!!

I can tell you one thing for sure. My sister agrees here. Misery loves company.. or something.

Moving right along, those 2 finals I mentioned? We'll skip talking about them. I got a new job waitressing at the Texas Roadhouse in Temple. 10 minute jog up the road, and lovely tip money. Throughout my couple years of restaurant-working and tips, I have become slightly addicted to the constant flow of cash that comes my way. Glorious. I start on Thursday, which is 2 days after my finals are over. Not shabby.

What else is big and important? I have the perfect roommate, incredible friends, and some awesome brothers and sisters in Christ. I'm close to home, close to most of my friends from home still, and am still attending my church in Austin. I'm planning to partner with them come January. The Boy and I go most every Sunday night together. It's wonderful. Which reminds me, here in a week or so ish we'll have been together for 6 months. That's half a year. That's 1/32nd of my life. Profound, isn't it?

I'm slightly out of news. I'm ready to start writing again about somewhat trivial things. But mostly.. I'm ready for the semester to be over. 24 hours and I'll be done. Then I'll be home. Then I'll start working.

See you again in 10 inches.

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Damsel said...

Hey, chick! I tagged you on my blog. :) Love you!