Monday, December 10, 2007


So... I forgot my email/password combination after not posting for a month. Ridiculous. And as of now, there are SO many things I should be doing instead of posting, such as..
- studying for my 2 finals tomorrow
- studying my materials for my new job
- cleaning my room before I have to leave tomorrow afternoon
- packing
- loading up my car
- did I mention my 2 finals tomorrow?

Whatever. Everyone needs a break even if they haven't particularly started anything yet. Some may call this procrastination. I call it beautiful.

I'm officially a college student, and I'm 2 finals away from having an entire semester under my belt. Oi. That's terrifying. I mean, as much as I have LOVED it and as proud as I am to have graduated a year early from high school and to be moderately independent, it hit me a couple days ago that by graduating a year early, I have to decide a year early what I want to do with.. oh.. my life.

I entered as a nursing student. I am now a Mass Communications student emphasizing in public relations. And I am looking into Business Management stuffs. Fun fun fun. :] As a business person, I would frequently be allowed and even encouraged to indulge myself into my 2nd greatest vice -- office supplies. The first? :[ Hobby Lobby. Which falls under the same general idea as office supplies.
The paints, the crafts, the papers, the glue,
The brushes, the yarns, and the picture frames, too!
Move on to the office. Post-its are sticky!
Give me staples, pens, markers, I'm not very picky!!

I can tell you one thing for sure. My sister agrees here. Misery loves company.. or something.

Moving right along, those 2 finals I mentioned? We'll skip talking about them. I got a new job waitressing at the Texas Roadhouse in Temple. 10 minute jog up the road, and lovely tip money. Throughout my couple years of restaurant-working and tips, I have become slightly addicted to the constant flow of cash that comes my way. Glorious. I start on Thursday, which is 2 days after my finals are over. Not shabby.

What else is big and important? I have the perfect roommate, incredible friends, and some awesome brothers and sisters in Christ. I'm close to home, close to most of my friends from home still, and am still attending my church in Austin. I'm planning to partner with them come January. The Boy and I go most every Sunday night together. It's wonderful. Which reminds me, here in a week or so ish we'll have been together for 6 months. That's half a year. That's 1/32nd of my life. Profound, isn't it?

I'm slightly out of news. I'm ready to start writing again about somewhat trivial things. But mostly.. I'm ready for the semester to be over. 24 hours and I'll be done. Then I'll be home. Then I'll start working.

See you again in 10 inches.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Moving and Dancing and Charlotte, Oh My!

I move in one week. A week from today. 7 days from now. Except I'm moving early morning, so really it's like 6 1/2. EXCUSE ME. Did you understand me? I'M GOING TO COLLEGE!!

It's a big deal. I still have a few things I need to get, but those can wait for a couple more days, seeing as I'm the most amazing procrastinator you'll ever meet. I need to learn to not procrastinate, though.. but I'll do that later.

The other fun thing going on is that I.. yes.. ordered the Hip Hop Abs DVD series. It came in a few days ago, and, I must say, I've never had more fun feeling like a moron. :]

Big news = over.

In other, smaller news.. I dusted off my music fingers and picked up my guitar today. Poor Charlotte.. She was neglected for a while until my brother re-instated her to the world a few weeks ago, and I have taken her back for myself. Skyscraper will be proud.

If you have never heard Colbie Caillat's music, I suggest you go listen. She's coming with the Goo Goo Dolls and Lifehouse on September 1, and Whitschu and I are making plans to go. Bang also mentioned it to me two nights ago.. Skyscraper's response to her when she brought it up was, "I dunno, I'm going to the Incubus concert the next night.." LAME? Yes. GooGooDolls, Lifehouse, Colbie Caillat, Incubus, and whatever band is opening for them.. I'm sure he could manage to double up. I'll try to tell him it's like double fisting, and he's good at that! ...WATER, people. Sheesh.

Anyways, tying these two ideas together, I chose to teach myself how to play Colbie's song "Bubbly." I've heard it on the radio twice, and I fell in love. Here, go to Colbie's Myspace and when it all loads up (it may take a little bit..), click on "Bubbly."

Yes. I can play it on guitar now. :] Thank you, thank you. Damsel and Beez, I bet you'll both like her lots.

As for tonight, I am going to the lake with my friend and a few of his friends tonight.. wakeboarding? I haven't tried since before I had surgery last year, so.. We'll see how this goes.

Charlotte is calling to me.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Laugh all you want, but...

I'm a nerd! Is it terrible that buying a 2 gig memory card for my camera excites me to no end?

I mean.. seriously! I can now take up to 1034 quality photos or 1 hour and 9 minutes of video footage. And that's only on THAT memory card! Let's not forget that I still have my 516 mb card and the memory the camera itself has!

Of what will I take photos, you say? I have no clue. Anything. Everything. Mostly Jet, I bet. Skyscraper, Whitschu, the BG.. Hah. Nights out on the town, nights in with the girls, days in the sun.. or the rain, as it has been in these parts around Austin..

Damsel, Jet, and I have been in Lubbock. We left Wednesday morning at about 8:30 or 9 and made wonderful time because Jet was so well-behaved!

As usual, I have been spoiled by the grandfolk like crazy, and I've appreciated and loved every minute of it! Granny and Granddad are the ones who bought me the memory card, Mokie and GBill paid for the new, amazing, and good-looking tennis shoes I so desperately needed, and, of course, the meals have been stellar. Real comfort food. :]

We went and fed the ducks with Jet twice, and I took some wonderful photos! (Have I mentioned to you recently, Mom, that I STILL love my camera?)

Oh.. and Mom is leaving for Mexico for 10 days tomorrow as we'll be driving back home. Bummer, dood. :[

Other than that, Life is beautiful. Work is glorious. Summer is speeding by.

And I move in 21 days. :] & :[ at the same time.

Speaking of the time, I hear my bed calling..

Friday, July 13, 2007

Chill Time

I love days like today. Those days when lazy is okay and there is nothing more entertaining than doing nothing.

I went to Skyscraper's house today, and we watched V for Vendetta.. a movie both of us have seen multiple times. So good! It was fun to just hang out and sit on the couch. His brother is kind of a goof, but we forgive that. :]

After the movie [which Skyscraper fell asleep during for a few minutes.. silly boy], we headed over to Damsel's house to see her and Jet. I had SO much fun. Jet was pretty wary of the new, tall boy, but when Skyscraper started tossing a baseball to him.. oh man, I knew he was in! Jet kept trying to hit it, missing, and handing it back. Well.. I say handing.. It started as throwing it AT Skyscraper, then TO him, then a light toss towards, and THEN Jet was comfortable enough to actually give it to him. So very cute. :]

So we played some "blaseball" for a while, with Jet wearing his "blaseball blub", then proceeded to join Damsel in the living room -- a.k.a. time for the teenagers to take a break from the three year old. Albeit brief. THEN Jet started jumping on the couch to land not-so-gently on me, so I began rolling him off of me into Skyscraper's lap. This began a festive game of "Save me! Get to me, Aunt!" And me, being the loving aunt I am, would rescue him from the great big arms and tickling hands of this not-so-strange-anymore boy. Upon the successful rescue operation, I received big hugs and lots of kisses and a perfect response to my statement "I love you" -- J: "I love you more!" :D makes my heart twitterpate.

The last big game we played was Hide and Go Seek. Of course, Jet kept saying "Let's go hide in my room!" So the seeking was a moot point for Skyscraper. Over and over, Jet and I would lay down in his little toddler bed, cover up with the blankets, and I would instruct Jet to holler, "Skyscraper! Come find us!" (Even though it was MUCH cuter with Sky's real name... fyi.)
He would come in, fiddle around a bit ("are they under the bean bags? In the drawers? I know, they're in the closet!!"), and eventually find a couple of giggling kids "hiding" in Jet's bed.

The best part, though, of the game of Hide was Skyscraper. When he "found" us, he would reach over, pick up Jet, and tickle him, shake and spin him around, and just be a boy. This would start the festive rescuing game ALL over again -- and I was more than happy to comply. :]

When we left, I told Skyscraper that playing with Jet so perfectly was the most attractive thing he's done.

Damsel, I hope Jet was plenty tired after all that for you. Thanks again for letting us come over and play!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Billiards, anyone?

I'm really bad at pool. I love it.

The end.

Friday, July 6, 2007


Yeah, he's cute. ::Swoon::

So, a couple dates ago (which I wasn't sure were "dates" per say... they were), Skyscraper took me to Carino's for some yummy Italian foodstuffs. We began discussing the times we were spending together, and we began joking (ish) about how he had made all decisions regarding where we would go or what we would do when we hung out, and I had added little to no input other than the "Oh, that sounds good!" So.. I promised him that I would plan a date. Which I did. :]

It worked out perfectly because he was able to take the night off at his job (yes, Dad, he's employed, too.) So, upon finding out yesterday that he would be free tonight, I jumped on the opportunity and bought tickets for us to go see the Express baseball team play a game out at the Dell Diamond. FAAABULOUS!!

Naturally.. I told him nothing except that our "ticketed event" was at 7. I picked him up at about 6:20, and we walked out the door after I reassured his parents I would have him home at a decent hour. His dad made sure to tell me, "It's not him I'm worried about!" Haha. Goofies.

On the way, I kept asking, "So, do you know where we're going yet? Because I'd totally be all over this by now." He seemed content to wait until we were there to figure it out. I wanted to pout because he refused to be egged on. But, as we pulled up and the "Dell Diamond" sign came into view, it clicked. He smiled and nodded in satisfaction. I had done well.

We enjoyed the game and the people-watching, which we decided is ALMOST as fun as the game-watching.

But the best part is that every Friday night, they have post-game fireworks. :] Fireworks never get old. Especially when you're watching them as an awesome guy has his arm resting around you on the back of the seat... Yeahhh.

Walking out of the stadium, he thanked me and told me I had "done good."

Oh, what a fun evening out. :]

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Transformers and Tinkerbell

Yes, the movie WAS amazing. I suggest it. My friend, Skyscraper, took me to see it tonight. And he totally held my hand. ;] Don't worry, Dad. He washed them. I asked.

Moving forward, I figure I should explain the title of my blog: "A 21st Century Tinkerbell."

You see, for those of you who don't know (how could you not?), Tinkerbell is the little fairy in Peter Pan. She is a mender of pots and kettles, thus a tinker. At times she is rancorous and ill-behaved, but at other times she is very helpful to Peter, for whom she appears to harbor romantic feelings. The vast extremeties in her temperament are explained away by Peter -- she is so small, she can only experience one emotion at a time.

Well, since it IS the 21st century.. if I were Tinkerbell, I would definitely NOT be a tinker, for I am going to college! That's right. College. I'm sure a fairy could get in, these days. I mean, hey, 21st century American society is ALL about furthuring one's education. :] Secondly, I'm sure that with modern technology and advances in psychology and developement, I could seek out a well-trained doctor (a real one, please) who would train me in the ways of.. emotional diversity.

Other than that, I'm blonde and tiny, which correlates well with Tink's look. So, hey? Why not. I considered Thumbelina, but she's not quite so glamorous. We're going all out here, folks.

Anything else regarding Tinkerbell and the 21st Century you can think of will be much appreciated. :]

Goodnight, Moon.