Friday, July 6, 2007


Yeah, he's cute. ::Swoon::

So, a couple dates ago (which I wasn't sure were "dates" per say... they were), Skyscraper took me to Carino's for some yummy Italian foodstuffs. We began discussing the times we were spending together, and we began joking (ish) about how he had made all decisions regarding where we would go or what we would do when we hung out, and I had added little to no input other than the "Oh, that sounds good!" So.. I promised him that I would plan a date. Which I did. :]

It worked out perfectly because he was able to take the night off at his job (yes, Dad, he's employed, too.) So, upon finding out yesterday that he would be free tonight, I jumped on the opportunity and bought tickets for us to go see the Express baseball team play a game out at the Dell Diamond. FAAABULOUS!!

Naturally.. I told him nothing except that our "ticketed event" was at 7. I picked him up at about 6:20, and we walked out the door after I reassured his parents I would have him home at a decent hour. His dad made sure to tell me, "It's not him I'm worried about!" Haha. Goofies.

On the way, I kept asking, "So, do you know where we're going yet? Because I'd totally be all over this by now." He seemed content to wait until we were there to figure it out. I wanted to pout because he refused to be egged on. But, as we pulled up and the "Dell Diamond" sign came into view, it clicked. He smiled and nodded in satisfaction. I had done well.

We enjoyed the game and the people-watching, which we decided is ALMOST as fun as the game-watching.

But the best part is that every Friday night, they have post-game fireworks. :] Fireworks never get old. Especially when you're watching them as an awesome guy has his arm resting around you on the back of the seat... Yeahhh.

Walking out of the stadium, he thanked me and told me I had "done good."

Oh, what a fun evening out. :]

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Damsel said...

Harrrumph. Boys. Cooties. Scowl.

OK - that's the protective-big-sister side. Done with that.

I luuurrrrve to people-watch at the baseball games. So fun! Glad you did good. :)