Friday, July 13, 2007

Chill Time

I love days like today. Those days when lazy is okay and there is nothing more entertaining than doing nothing.

I went to Skyscraper's house today, and we watched V for Vendetta.. a movie both of us have seen multiple times. So good! It was fun to just hang out and sit on the couch. His brother is kind of a goof, but we forgive that. :]

After the movie [which Skyscraper fell asleep during for a few minutes.. silly boy], we headed over to Damsel's house to see her and Jet. I had SO much fun. Jet was pretty wary of the new, tall boy, but when Skyscraper started tossing a baseball to him.. oh man, I knew he was in! Jet kept trying to hit it, missing, and handing it back. Well.. I say handing.. It started as throwing it AT Skyscraper, then TO him, then a light toss towards, and THEN Jet was comfortable enough to actually give it to him. So very cute. :]

So we played some "blaseball" for a while, with Jet wearing his "blaseball blub", then proceeded to join Damsel in the living room -- a.k.a. time for the teenagers to take a break from the three year old. Albeit brief. THEN Jet started jumping on the couch to land not-so-gently on me, so I began rolling him off of me into Skyscraper's lap. This began a festive game of "Save me! Get to me, Aunt!" And me, being the loving aunt I am, would rescue him from the great big arms and tickling hands of this not-so-strange-anymore boy. Upon the successful rescue operation, I received big hugs and lots of kisses and a perfect response to my statement "I love you" -- J: "I love you more!" :D makes my heart twitterpate.

The last big game we played was Hide and Go Seek. Of course, Jet kept saying "Let's go hide in my room!" So the seeking was a moot point for Skyscraper. Over and over, Jet and I would lay down in his little toddler bed, cover up with the blankets, and I would instruct Jet to holler, "Skyscraper! Come find us!" (Even though it was MUCH cuter with Sky's real name... fyi.)
He would come in, fiddle around a bit ("are they under the bean bags? In the drawers? I know, they're in the closet!!"), and eventually find a couple of giggling kids "hiding" in Jet's bed.

The best part, though, of the game of Hide was Skyscraper. When he "found" us, he would reach over, pick up Jet, and tickle him, shake and spin him around, and just be a boy. This would start the festive rescuing game ALL over again -- and I was more than happy to comply. :]

When we left, I told Skyscraper that playing with Jet so perfectly was the most attractive thing he's done.

Damsel, I hope Jet was plenty tired after all that for you. Thanks again for letting us come over and play!

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